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The 22nd AB Community will no longer be holding trainings for RnL.  However, DrkBowers and Drew will still host events every weekend.  Send either of us a message if you are interested in becoming a RnL admin. 

The 22nd AB servers are not available sometimes, so we will host events on the Pennsyltucky Server when our servers are down.  There will be no set time for events, but events can be suggested by any member, if a server is near full.

- Structure
We realize that some people are tired of playing RnL, but other people still enjoy playing together so this is what we will do. We will open up re-enlistment in the 22nd AB RnL group.  All ranks will be wiped unless you re-enlist into the 22nd AB RnL group. 

Over the next couple days we will be phasing out the military ranks and assigning a new Teamspeak admin structure.  If you re-enlist and are active in TS and RnL every week; you will retain your rank.  Otherwise you will be assigned a 22nd Member TS tag. 

Teamspeak Admins will be Commanding Officers and Founders

the requirments are he/she must not be able to build a boat or if so then very badly and also use wood to make a pc 
Glaze Wow. that was fast
CroatianBoatmaker I mak Very Gud boats, I am able to join but my boat is damaged at the momont so i have to communicate through smoke sign ...
Hill 35

Previous results: http://plm.branspace.com/RnLbeta/MOTD%20Pics/results5.html

Sunday's DDay Event

Drew a posted Jun 8, 14
June 8th 7 P.M. GMT - 2PM EST
Farm Night
Germans counterattack West of Saint-Côme-du-Mont.
This is the final battle in the campaign.
Announcement of